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Where can I buy ROLL Recovery in Australia?

Right here! is the only stockist of ROLL Recovery products in Australia.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes you can. Call 0488 48 24 24 any day between 9am - 6pm to place a phone order.

Who uses ROLL Recovery?

Athletes, physios, medicos, and anyone looking for marginal gains, a competitive edge, rehab, prehab, pain relief, and muscle maintenance.

Can I really try my ROLL Recovery R8 at home for a week then send it back for a refund if I don't love it?

Yes you can.

How many customers have ever sent back their ROLL Recovery?

None... ever.

Where can I read more ROLL Recovery reviews?

La Velocita recently reviewed the ROLL Recovery R8, The Long Run have reviewed the ROLL Recovery R8 and the ROLL Recovery R3.

I have a totally different question — how can I ask it?

Email [email protected] or call 0488 48 24 24 any day between 9am - 6pm.

Have a different question? You can email us anytime.